At Saudi Greenhouses Management and Agri. Marketing Co. we stand for quality and sustainability. Saudi Greenhouses Management and Agri. Marketing Co. has been known for its dedication towards food safety and bio control programs that drive the engine of the almost 75 ha of greenhouses under its management. Furthermore, the company develops environmentally responsible agricultural projects, provides agro-support services and renders technical advice, all with a focus on quality and sustainability.

We seek to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and other stakeholders, including leading retailers, governments, banks, and different institutional and private sector markets. Meeting and exceeding our Saudi and many international customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations is for us a must.

Saudi Greenhouses team
  • We See consumers able to experience and enjoy a variety of fresh and tasting vegetables.
  • We See a healthy protected cultivation sector delivering added value in close harmony.
  • We See new ideas, new initiatives, new projects, new relations to build together.
  • We will commit and act to make a difference by putting to work our core competences, knowledge, experience, expertise and network to contribute to the realisation of what We See.

Key values

  • Producing honest, safe and tasting food
  • Trust; continuity, reliability and transparency
  • Together we thrive; a partner approach with our clients and other stakeholders
  • Innovation and customisation to deliver solutions that work
  • Social responsibility; ethics and integrity prevail in all we do
  • Environmental concern and sustainable management practices


Our precious team of esteemed industry leaders maintain the highest degree of professionalism and ethics in supporting you to meet your objectives.

Mohamed Al Rasheed

Eng. Mohammed Al-Rasheed

Chairman, CEO

Eng. Alrasheed graduated from the University of Portland in 1986. Eng. Alrasheed has some 30 years of experience in greenhouse management. He started his work with a greenhouse management company ALICO from 1986-1990, after which he worked with Dutch greenhouse management company HORTACO from 1990-1993. In 1993 Eng. Alrasheed started AlRasheed Greenhouses Company, managing 8 hectares of glass greenhouse in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia when he built to its current 75 ha of glass greenhouses. Eng. Alrasheed is active in the agribusiness all over the world and participated in many international seminars and workshops. He is well known for organising conferences and professional events for the agricultural sector in Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Maarten Smit

ing. Maarten J. Smit, M.Sc.

Strategic Business Associate

Mr. Smit is an international marketing advisor and business development coach with some 20 years of experience in international project development, strategic and horticultural marketing, sector analysis, chain management & vertical partnerships, organisational strengthening, and regional development programs. He obtained his Master’s degree in International Agricultural Production and Marketing Management after which he initiated and managed projects in countries, such as Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, China, Eritrea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In 2010 Mr. Smit established GMBS Business Support to advice, train and coach private sector companies and governments in initiating and supporting international strategic marketing and organizational alignment trajectories.

Sergio Nicolau

Sergio Nicolau, M.Sc.

General Manager

Mr. Nicolau graduated from Nottingham University in Agricultural Sciences in 1989 following which he obtained a Master’s degree in Tropical Agricultural Development with particular emphasis on Agriculture economics and planning.
Since 1994, Mr. Nicolau has been involved in fruit and horticultural projects and developed a strong background as general manager successfully running large agricultural projects across the globe, operating under challenging environments with different cultures in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
As general manager of Saudi Greenhouses Management and Agri-Marketing Co., Mr. Nicolau is responsible for the management and development of the company’s operations in Saudi Arabia. In Mr. Nicolau’s belief, efficient and transparent operations carried by a well-motivated team, are the key to sustainable growth of business and enhanced customer relationships.

Executive officers

Khaled Al Qawas

Business Development Manager

Abdulnasser Hammodeh

Technical Operations Manager

Maktoob Rasheed

Financial Manager

Nasser Rashed

Sales Executive


On a project-by-project basis Saudi Greenhouses Management & Agri Marketing Co. can rely on its international partners, whether it is to develop new high-tech greenhouse projects, conduct sector related studies, market surveys or feasibility studies, or otherwise take on multidisciplinary projects. Please find our partners listed below.

Please select the relevant partner name for more details.

DelphyDelphy is a leading, independent advisory and research partner for the vegetative sectors. Its activities focus on advice, research and projects in The Netherlands and internationally. The core business of Delphy is advising entrepreneurs in the primary agricultural sectors. This advice not only takes into account the latest developments in the field of cultivation, but also developments on management level within the company. The International Team of Delphy initiates world-wide projects related to its core business: crop consultancy, training and capacity building.

Delphy provides turnkey (greenhouse) projects – right from the initial planting up to the actual harvest. Part of this process is seconding a manager-grower, training of management, cultivation advice and setting up the management and organisation. The company can also support in the process of acquiring financing and application for and processing of international subsidies.

GMBS Business SupportGMBS Business Support is an Asia and Middle East oriented Business Development Agency. Its activities comprise of amongst others strategic marketing and international business development advisory, project and concept development, market/sector analysis, feasibility studies, public-private initiatives and management coaching, and (horticultural) marketing training. Though GMBS specialises in green sectors, with agriculture and horticulture in its centre, GMBS also adds value to clients active in the periphery thereof, such as food and processing, renewable energy and water. Its strong international business, academic and government network, allows GMBS to undertake diverse, complex and multi-disciplined projects.
Hoogendoorn Growth ManagementHoogendoorn is known as the most innovative supplier of process automation systems in the horticultural industry. For almost 50 years, we have been striving towards the optimal greenhouse climate, increasing crop yields and managing costs and risks in greenhouse horticulture. During these years, we have learned to look at projects in a unique and individual way, no matter what their size. With innovation being our prime focus, and by only integrating the latest techniques and insights into your professional management, suddenly the most complex of processes seem to be surprisingly simple. We call that “Growth Management” and it is at the heart of all our services, people and products.

Koppert Biological SystemsKoppert Biological Systems develops biological solutions and growing methods that contribute to better health and safety in agriculture. Agriculture is of key importance in feeding our growing world population. We help to achieve the necessary increases to production in a people-friendly and planet-friendly way, by making use of nature’s expertise.

Koppert’s principal place of business is active from 1967 and located in the Netherlands. Here 300 people are employed in production, sales, logistics, consultancy and research. Koppert also has several subsidiaries for sales and/or production. There are distributors in over 60 countries all over the world. Koppert is a member of the IBMA, the worldwide association of biocontrol industries producing microorganisms, macroorganisms, semiochemicals and natural pesticides for plant protection and public health.

Prins GroupPrins Group is a greenhouse constructor with over 75 years of experience. Various types of greenhouses can be delivered, depending on the needs of your company. From glass greenhouses to plastic greenhouses, different kinds of roofs, different air ventilation systems, and many more options are available.

Both production and engineering are in-house. Therefore, they are able to react on different situations and developments quickly and efficient. Prins Group has the knowledge and experience to realize horticultural projects in different climatic zones and is thus active in over 40 countries worldwide.

StolzeThe Stolze Group is the specialist in electrical, irrigation and heating installations for the modern horticulture, with over 45 years of experience in horticultural projects and garden centres. During this time Stolze has grown into a nationally and internationally operating company. Stolze designs, assembles and installs electrical, irrigation and heating installations, either supplied separately or integrated into one final product, completely adapted to the client’s wishes. With new and innovative products, Stolze makes it easier to comply with environmental legislation and makes it possible to use energy as efficient as possible.
Q PointQ-Point is an independent Dutch advisory company, specialized in food-safety, tracking and tracing, integrated quality management (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, BRC S&D, BRC-IOP, IFS, IFS Logistics, GLOBALG.A.P., QS, etc), sustainability systems (ISO 26000), agribusiness and value chain management. Q-Point’s competency is based on its pragmatic and proven working methods and profound experience in the agri-food sector. The company can rely on its 11 dedicated specialists with broad experience, and is ISO9001:2008 Lloyds certified.
Rijk ZwaanRijk Zwaan is a Dutch family-owned vegetable breeding company. Rijk Zwaan develops vegetable varieties and sells the seeds produced from them. Rijk Zwaan has more than 1,000 varieties in its assortment, across 27 different vegetable crops. Rijk Zwaan employs around 2,500 people and they are the company’s most important asset. The company culture is centred on involvement, team work and loyalty. As area managers Middle East-N-Africa, Abdullah Sa’sa and Gert-Jan Krook, are responsible for the sales and chain activities in the MENA Cluster, selling our seeds through sole distributor Al-Jammaz Agriculture Est.


Our greenhouse farms are located in several strategically chosen areas throughout the Kingdom. Where possible distance to market is kept at a minimum. The projects range from 4 to more than 12 hectares in size, totalling to a glasshouse surface of nearly 75 ha. All aimed at producing the highest quality of biologically responsibly grown vegetables and a variety of bedding plants. Below table and map show the locations of the 9 farms, two of which are new projects under construction:

farm name location size crops
Arrayyanah farm Riyadh 6 ha Tomato, cucumber (mini and long)
Arrayah farm Kharj 5 ha Tomato, cucumber, lettuce (hydroponics) , green beans, herbs, bedding plants
Arrayhanah farm Kharj 6 + 7.5 ha Tomato, cucumber, cherry tomato, beef tomato
Azizia farm Dhurma 12 ha Tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, hot pepper, eggplant
Tabuk farm Tabuk 8 ha Tomato, cucumber
Arragheeb farm Kharj 8 ha Tomato, cucumber
Al Khair farm Hufuf 4 ha Cucumber (hydroponics)
Al Maali farm Qassim 10 ha Under construction
Belihad farm Tebrak 8 ha Under construction

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