Saudi Greenhouses Management and Agri. Marketing Co. was established as a specialized company for operational, production and marketing management of high-tech greenhouses in the Kingdom. Other than the hands-on operations of greenhouse vegetables production and marketing, the company provides advisory and technical support services, such as related to water saving, integrated pest management practices and biological control, on-farm research and new product development.


Our tomatoes bright and fresh. The skin of our tomato varieties is a softer and the core is a juicier than many other varieties. Our tomatoes contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals, including lycopene; an antioxidant that may help reduce the risk of cancer.


Our cucumbers contain sweet, refreshing juices that are never bitter. Because they are seedless, they are totally digestible. The deep green skin of our cucumbers is not only edible, but also delicious and filled with important nutrients and vitamins.

Sweet pepper

Our Sweet Peppers are perfectly block shaped and come in three vibrant colors – Red, Yellow and Green, all packed with Vitamin C. One Sweet Pepper provides more than 100% of your daily Vitamin A, C and E requirements.

Bedding plants

Our nurseries produce year-round seasonal flowers. We produce approximately ten million plants annually in all kinds of colours and shapes.
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Technical advice

With our advisory services, we seek to assist both companies and governments in streamlining and optimising current agricultural and agri-business activities. Our advisory services include, but are not limited to, in-field crop cultivation guidance and advisory, market and sector development advisory, agri-business development training and coaching, market analysis, feasibility studies, and the like.

Agro-support services

Sustainable business practices and care for the environment we live is important to us. As such, we are driven to make available the relevant biological control products and more than 25 years of experience in integrated pest management. Other than crop protection solutions, such as biologically controlled insects, weeds and plant diseases, we can also help you with other agro-inputs in support of the betterment of your farm production.

Online forum

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Project development

We believe that continuous adaptation, innovation and development are crucial to sustaining your business in these dynamic times. You need to be vigilant, decisive and in position to act with confidence to further develop your business. Together with our international partners from academic sphere and business world, we assist you in shaping ideas into concepts, shaping concepts into business plans, or shaping business plans into feasible projects.

Turn-key greenhouse project development

The greenhouse industry in the Middle East region is growing at a steady pace. In facing food security challenges with growing populations, GCC and other Middle East countries seek to lessen dependency on vegetable imports by investing in domestic and preferably protected vegetable cultivation. In order to meet the growing demand for professional support in greenhouse project development, we have established a branded collective with selected key partners in greenhouse technology. Under this new initiative, named Desert Growing™, we are able to deliver turn-key customised high-tech greenhouse projects.
From greenhouses and process automation to screens and systems for irrigation, renewable energy, cooling and heating. We supply horticultural entrepreneurs with all components for their greenhouses. In addition, we provide training and local service to get the best out of our systems. The aim is to help customers to achieve high quality production with maximum crop yields. Further details can be found at or check out the references section for our latest projects.logo_desertgrowing