We are currently working on the realization of two turnkey projects in Saudi Arabia with our partners Prins Group, Stolze and Hoogendoorn Growth Management. Prins Group provides the engineering, manufacturing and the total realization of both horticultural projects. Both projects are being built for the cultivation of various vegetables.

The first project is a Venlo greenhouse of over 7.5 ha, equipped with the most modern technologies. The project includes a Multi Climate system, a closed greenhouse system with cooling through climate cabins, a Pad and Fan system and the roof is partly glazed with special diffuse glass. The Multi Climate system is a by Prins Group developed climate conditioning system. Multi Climate makes it possible to create an exceptionally accurate and uniform climate in the greenhouse. This is achieved through control combined with ventilation, humidifying and/or dehumidifying and heating and/or cooling.

The second project is a traditional Venlo greenhouse of which the entire roof, of nearly 9 ha, is fully glazed with normal roof glass. The second project is also equipped with a Pad & Fan cooling system.

Both projects include a screen installation. Stolze has taken care of the relevant installations, such as heating, irrigation and electrical installations.

Hoogendoorn provides the state-of-the-art iSii process computer for both projects. The iSii monitors and manages the greenhouse climate, irrigation, cooling and energy efficiently.